Supporting Local JAX Businesses


A great community provides an environment that allows for small, local establishments to grow and flourish. One that instills a sense of pride among its residents by its mere existence and provides jobs for residents of all ages. JAX is one such community.

And in times of uncertainty, as the world is facing now, this community is focused on supporting all businesses and workers, but especially our local businesses that add to our region’s character and economy. As we all make adjustments to our daily lives, local businesses are adapting and continuing to serve our community.

To continue operations during this time, local restaurants, farms and makers are being flexible as residents are eager to continue their support . For a run down of those establishments offering online ordering, curbside pick-up and take-out options, check out a sampling compiled by Edible Northeast Florida (NOTE: this list is subject to change):

Restaurants – Food and Drinks


Crafters and Makers

When we support our local businesses we are doing so much more than just buying from them. We build relationships, improve our health and ultimately get to know the people behind the product. The personal connection allows us to feel more personally involved within the community and also supports a unique flair that isn’t found elsewhere.

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