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Riverside & Avondale

Riverside & Avondale

Duval County

Riverside and Avondale are two of JAX’s most popular hubs for galleries, boutiques, cocktails and anything else its residents can creatively dream up. The neighborhoods are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, blends heritage with a new school vibe to create a magnet for arts and culture, including the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens and bohemian Five Points. You’ll be charmed by the Prairie-style neighborhood architecture, tree-lined streets and street art. As implied by at least one of the names, both areas are planted on the St. Johns Riverbank. Because of its central JAX location and robust amenities, homes and apartments land on the upper side of JAX’s price range.

Suburban, Urban, Drive, Use Public Transportation, Walk/Bike, Arts & Culture, Dog Parks, Festivals & Concerts, Fishing & Boating, Historic Sites, Nightlife & Bars, Shopping & Dining, Energetic/Vibrant, Family Friendly, Quiet, Creek, River


Duval County:

Central Riverside Elementary School, Fishweir Elementary School, West Riverside Elementary School
Middle School
Landon Middle School, Lakeshore Middle School
High School
Robert E. Lee High School

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