Supporting the Arts and Artists of JAX

Photo from: @Jax Murals

Musicians, artists, performers and more across the nation have felt the rift caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, it’s resulted in event cancellations and lost wages. In times like this, JAX residents are standing tall and banding together. Across our region, the various cultural communities of JAX are helping artists to stay healthy and continue creating. You can help, too.

To keep the artistic spirit alive in St. Augustine, musicians have begun to rally amongst each other and change the way they once performed. Ancient City Entertainment, a well-known events promoter, has started a series called “Let the Music Play On.” This series allows musicians to perform at venues (complying with social distancing guidelines) and make up for some of their lost wages. Tune in daily on the company’s Facebook page to watch artists perform via a live stream at various local venues and bars across the city. Donations and tips can be given personally to the performer(s) or directly to Ancient City Entertainment as they work to support the local live music scene in St. Augustine.

In true theatrical fashion, the infamous words of “the show must go on” echo in the minds of the performers who call JAX home. Perhaps no other art form expresses more emotion and feelings than the way theaters and performers do. And in a time like this, what better way is there than now to have a virtual cabaret? Known amongst the theater circuit, Lee Hamby has answered that call. CABARET Your Way hosts a different cast of eight to 10 artists who depend on their art for a living. To help support and view the talents of local creatives, you have the power to call the shots. You vote prior to the show for one song out of five choices per performer, then watch and see the show you created on Saturday nights. So pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, get comfy and watch as the curtains draw up at 7:30 p.m.

As a magnet for arts and culture, the Riverside Arts Market is home for hundreds of small businesses, artists, makers and more. On a normal week, this event welcomes more than a thousand people each Saturday, but due to social distancing guidelines the market is temporarily closed. As advocates of their vendors, RAM (as it’s known to locals) is continuing its support and providing ways to connect its audience to the vendors. Here, you can visit their website to get in contact with all vendors and explore the online shops and products while you peruse from home. You’ll find fresh, food and vegetables, handmade jewelry, organically made products and so much more.


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