Ambassador Profile

Sabeen P.

Debunking False Myths

There’s a misperception about JAX that we’re “behind the times” or lack the spark of cities like Austin, San Francisco or New York. As someone from NYC, let me tell you right now, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Where Innovation and Ideas Converge

I was lucky enough to discover TEDxJacksonville, within six months of moving to JAX. I now serve as the volunteer executive producer with a goal to promote our mission: Be a catalyst for positive change; opening minds with inspiring ideas. JAX is like no other. If you’re looking for the best place to grow professionally and personally, look no further. There is no other city that will take a chance on you to be your best.

Connecting and Giving Back to JAX

Once you’re here, discover your passion. Whether it’s working with kids, serving veterans or helping animals, knowing what drives you helps you take the first step toward getting involved and connecting.

There are so many different JAX organizations. Giving back helps you grow and enriches your life.

Favorite Things:


JAX became my hometown after my move from New York City. I hold two degrees: A Master of Science in international development from University of Birmingham (UK) and a Bachelor of Science in psychology and pre-med from City College of New York. Both serve me well as executive director of a nonprofit in JAX, a city built partially on a generous community that gives back.

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