Perk Up Clay County! The Ultimate Coffee Shop Guide

Clay County is not just a beautiful place to live; it’s also home to some of the best coffee spots around. From charming cafes to bustling coffee houses, the area offers a diverse array of options for every coffee enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for a cozy nook to work from, a delightful brunch destination, or a welcoming place to catch up with friends, Clay County has you covered.

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Work-from-Home/Study Oasis

Present Tense – Green Cove Springs 

Present Tense is a haven for those needing a quiet place to work or study. This coffee shop offers a serene environment perfect for focusing on your tasks. The cozy ambiance combined with a variety of coffee options and snacks makes it an ideal spot for students and remote workers alike. Don’t forget to participate in their book trading experience when you go in! Bring in any gently used book to possibly get store credit in return.

The Lab – Orange Park 

The Lab is a fantastic choice for anyone needing a productive work environment. Known for its innovative and experimental coffee concoctions that provide you a deliciously unique experience, The Lab provides ample seating and a quiet atmosphere. Dive deep into work or study while enjoying some of the most unique coffee blends in Clay County.  

Red Owl Coffee Company – Orange Park 

Red Owl Coffee Company offers a perfect blend of comfort and productivity. With spacious interior and numerous power outlets, it’s designed for long work or study sessions. The excellent coffee and friendly staff make it a favorite among locals who need a reliable spot to get things done.

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Coffee Paired with Brunch

The Tea Room – Keystone Heights 

The Tea Room offers a unique brunch experience with a wide selection of teas and delectable brunch items. The elegant setting makes it an excellent choice for a sophisticated brunch outing. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, The Tea Room has something to satisfy every palate.

The Urban Bean – Orange Park 

The Urban Bean is a must-visit for brunch lovers. This charming coffee house not only serves outstanding coffee but also offers a delicious brunch menu. From hearty breakfast options to lighter fare, The Urban Bean provides the perfect backdrop for a leisurely weekend brunch. With both a main and seasonal menu there will always be your go-to or something new to try! Take advantage of the beautiful weather Clay County boasts and sit on the patio while enjoying your meal and cup of coffee.

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Daily Doughnuts – Orange Park 

Daily Doughnuts is not just about doughnuts… it’s a great spot for a casual brunch. Pair your coffee with one of their fresh, delicious doughnuts or choose to enjoy one of their breakfast sandwiches or kolaches. This is the perfect place to start your day with a tasty treat and a hot cup of coffee.

Perfect Locale for Catching Up Over Coffee

Spring Park Coffee – Green Cove Springs 

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Spring Park Coffee offers a cozy environment perfect for reconnecting with friends. The friendly staff, excellent coffee and comfortable seating make it a go-to spot for socializing. Enjoy a cup of their expertly brewed coffee while catching up with old friends or making new ones. Proudly serving Brass Tacks Coffee, you’re bound to love both your drink and the experience!




Royal Moose Coffee – Middleburg 

Royal Moose Coffee is the perfect spot to catch up with friends. The welcoming environment and diverse menu make it a favorite for social gatherings. Whether you’re meeting for a quick coffee or a relaxed chat over a latte, Royal Moose Coffee provides the ideal setting.

Moo’s Coffee – Various Neighborhoods  

Caffeine on the go! Moo’s Coffee is a delightful coffee cart to enjoy a coffee with friends. Known for its laid-back vibe and excellent coffee, Moo’s Coffee is the ideal place to relax and chat. The inviting vibe makes it a great choice for a casual meet-up or a long-overdue catch-up session. Check out their social media pages to find out when and where they will be next.

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Clay County’s coffee scene is vibrant and diverse, offering something for everyone. Whether you need a productive workspace, a delightful brunch spot or a cozy place to catch up with friends, these coffee shops have you covered. To make your coffee exploration even easier, download the “Explore Clay” app, which features the ultimate coffee tour, “Caffeinated in Clay!” With a route, distance and total trip time, you’ll be able to experience all the best Clay County coffee has to offer.

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