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Downtown & Brooklyn

Downtown & Brooklyn

Duval County

Welcome to the heart of JAX! Downtown Jacksonville is part corporate, part culture and lots of character. CSX Corporation, FIS and other high-rise companies have headquarters in the city’s core. Weekdays are a hubbub of business activity, while evenings and weekends are reserved for fun. Five pro and semi-pro athletic teams play in downtown Jacksonville, including the Jacksonville Jaguars. Eat your arts heart out at one of the numerous museums and galleries that showcase established and local artists. Leave your car at home: Downtown Jacksonville is easily accessible on foot, bicycle, the Skyway, Pedicabs, automated vehicles and water taxi. That’s right. Like many of the JAX neighborhoods, downtown and Brooklyn are nestled on the St. Johns River. Enjoy urban-style living in a loft, condo or townhome.

Urban, Drive, Use Public Transportation, Walk/Bike, Active Water Sports, Arts & Culture, Dog Parks, Festivals & Concerts, Fishing & Boating, Historic Sites, Nightlife & Bars, Shopping & Dining, Energetic/Vibrant, Creek, River


Duval County:

John E. Ford K-8 School
Middle School
LaVilla School of The Arts, John E. Ford K-8 School, Darnell Cookman Middle/High School
High School
Darnell Cookman Middle/High School, Stanton College Prepatory

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