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Kim A.

Career Kickstart

I discovered an abundance of job opportunities for recent graduates in JAX. I was unsure of where to move to after college. I always thought about New York City but didn’t know if could handle the cold after growing up in the great Florida weather. Jacksonville has been an amazing place to kickstart my career in the financial services industry, with great opportunity for growth and development. I am so glad I discovered the skilled job opportunities in JAX. It’s been a terrific experience!

Quick Trip from Office to the Outdoors

After a long day at work, it’s wonderful that I can reach the beach in just 15 minutes. I love the outdoors, and all the beaches here are awesome. One of my favorite things to do is to grab lattes at Bold Bean Coffee and bike along the beach. JAX is continuously growing, so there is always something new to explore.

Notable Noshing

I am a huge foodie and love the fact that there is a new restaurant, bar or coffee shop opening every month. This growth activity and momentum keeps me excited for the future of JAX!

Favorite Things:


I’m the Florida native who calls JAX home. After earning a bachelor’s of science in information technology from Florida State University, I accepted an internship at Deutsche Bank, where I now serve as an associate business analyst. I also enjoy volunteering as the community relations advisor for Alpha Phi International Fraternity at the University of North Florida.

Financial Services

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