Jacksonville Named One of the Top Places for Young Professionals to Live

Florida’s fastest-growing city swells with career growth, culture and community, and accessibility and affordability that’s tough beat, which is why it’s no surprise that Jacksonville was recently named one of the “Top Places for Young Professionals to Live” by Forbes. The ranking was based on four factors: employment and pay, housing affordability, lifestyle and cost of living.

In JAX, you can go from surfboard to boardroom with ease, but our region offers more than just sunshine and a high quality of life. We’re home to Fortune 500 companies, cutting-edge health care institutions and breakthrough startups, which provide young professionals with a breadth of career opportunities in a wide variety of industries.

We know that making moves is tough, but life is easier in JAX. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of your time in JAX with different ways to get involved, make friends and see what makes the region so great.

Professional Development

Networking opportunities abound for young professionals in JAX seeking to build their careers in tandem with their community. Contrary to other regions, young professionals can make an impact on boards, YP groups and grassroots initiatives. NextUp JAX provides young professionals with a deep field of opportunities to volunteer, engage with their community and learn about current issues.

Other groups like the Jacksonville Zoo’s Wild Things or Jacksonville Symphony’s UpTempo provide young professionals with opportunities to network while participating in activities that align with their extracurricular interests.

Photo Credit: NextUp JAX

Volunteer in the Community

From food banks to environmental conservation efforts, JAX is home to every kind of volunteer opportunity you could imagine… no seriously, there’s more than 1,300 nonprofits throughout the region! The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida is a central hub of nonprofit organizations, and there are plenty of online resources to get acquainted with the top charitable groups and events in the area.

In JAX, doing good isn’t an empty slogan or wishful thinking – it’s an actual way of life. Residents don’t have to look far to find tangible opportunities to make a difference by volunteering, giving back and getting involved in their community.

Photo Credit: HabiJax

Get Social

New to JAX and aren’t sure where to begin? Or maybe you’ve been here for a while and are finally ready to put yourself out there? Making friends and checking out all the hot spots around town by joining a social group is a great place to start! JAX Social Group hosts a variety of fun events from beach bashes, networking nights, taco Tuesdays, dog park days and so much more. Another great group is the JAX Fray — from pickleball to soccer, cornhole to flag football, skeeball to volleyball, there’s ample opportunities to put your skills to the test as an individual or on a team and make friends while doing it.

Photo Credit: JAX Fray

No matter the industry or interest, JAX has a place for every young professional to pursue their passion and develop a close-knit relationship with their community. Where will you begin?

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