Find Your JAX in Career Opportunity

These past few months have been, to say the very least, tumultuous. COVID-19 has made an impact like no other all across the globe and still continues to uproot most of our lives. However, Find Your JAX is offering tools to help you navigate the current environment and stay ahead and resilient.

With a much higher national unemployment, many Americans are finding themselves displaced from their jobs due to the impact the public health and subsequent economic crises.

Despite this, there are still companies hiring in JAX!

The Find Your JAX job board presents top job opportunities in the region’s six most active target industries. With a diverse mix of industries including financial services, advanced manufacturing, health and biomedical, advanced transportation and logistics, IT and innovation and professional and creative services, companies are still actively creating new jobs due to regional stability despite the current economic downturn.

With more than 800 active jobs listed in these six industries of focus, JAX is thriving with career opportunities. The Find Your JAX Jobs Hiring page also features a rotation of highlighted companies that are hiring for multiple positions of all skills and experience levels.

On Find Your JAX’s Careers & Industries page, learn more about our region’s industries and some of the companies that have found success here. In addition, connect with CareerSource Northeast Florida in our linked resources. The workforce services provider is hosting virtual job search appointments to allow displaced or underemployed workers to speak with a representative directly and get back on their feet.

We’re in this together and ready to help you #FindYourJAX in employment.

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