Discover Your Roots – Hispanic Community Spotlight

Celebrating the Vibrant Hispanic Community in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida, is a city that thrives on diversity and cultural richness. The Hispanic community is one of the most dynamic and growing communities within Jacksonville – the community makes up a little more than 11% of the city’s population..  From their demographic impact to their contributions in business, cuisine and cultural events, the Hispanic residents of Jacksonville are integral to the city’s identity.

Northeast Florida as a whole is home to 182,147 Hispanic or Latino residents, highlighting the significant presence and influence of this community in the region.

Community Involvement and Events

The Hispanic community in Jacksonville is not just growing in numbers, but also in cultural and social presence. Several events celebrate and promote Hispanic culture, bringing together people from all backgrounds to enjoy and learn.

  • Jacksonville Taco & Tequila Festival: This festival is a vibrant celebration of Mexican cuisine and culture. Featuring a variety of tacos, tequila tastings, live music and art, this annual event offers a fun and immersive experience for all attendees.

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  • The Toro Film Festival: Dedicated to showcasing films by Hispanic filmmakers or those telling Hispanic stories, this festival provides a platform for cultural expression and cinematic excellence – it’s a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the artistic contributions of the Hispanic community.

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Thriving Small Businesses and Restaurants:

Hispanic-owned businesses are flourishing in Jacksonville, contributing significantly to the local economy and cultural landscape. The city’s culinary scene, in particular, is enriched by a variety of Hispanic restaurants that offer authentic and diverse flavors.

  • Los Andes: Specializing in Peruvian and Argentinian cuisine, Los Andes offers a delightful menu that transports diners to South America with every bite.
  • 1928 Cuban Bistro: This restaurant brings the vibrant and rich flavors of Cuban cuisine to Jacksonville with a wide range of traditional dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving.

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  • Salento Colombian Steakhouse: For those seeking the hearty and delicious flavors of Colombia, Salento Colombian Steakhouse provides an exceptional dining experience with its well-prepared steaks and traditional Colombian dishes.
  • Pepe’s Hacienda & Restaurant: Offering a taste of Mexico, Pepe’s Hacienda & Restaurant is beloved for its authentic Mexican cuisine and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Galaxy Burgers: A Venezuelan culinary gem, Galaxy Burgers is known for its unique and flavorful take on classic burgers, incorporating Venezuelan spices and ingredients.

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Networking and Support: 

Two key organizations play a vital role in supporting and promoting Hispanic businesses and entrepreneurs in Jacksonville:

  • The First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (FCHCC): This organization offers monthly networking events, workshops and promotional opportunities for its members. The FCHCC serves as a crucial resource for new and seasoned entrepreneurs, helping them to grow their businesses and positively impact the local economy.

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  • The Puerto Rican and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: This chamber hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including educational sessions for startups and networking opportunities. Their efforts are instrumental in fostering a supportive community for Hispanic business owners.

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Notable Leaders:

Manny Velasquez-Paredes
Former Director of UNF LGBTQ Resource Center; Current Director of Career Education at UNF
> Named 2021 Top National Latin Leader by the National Diversity Council
Photo Credits UNF


Yanira “Yaya” Cardona
The city of Jacksonville’s first Hispanic Outreach Coordinator
Photo Credit: Yanira Cardona’s LinkedIn


Paul Martinez
CEO and President of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida
> 2023 Somos DUUUVAL Community Leader Award
Photo Credit: Adriel Rocha’s LinkedIn

Discover Your Roots to Plant Your Future

The Hispanic community in Jacksonville is a vibrant and essential part of the city’s cultural and economic fabric. From the significant demographic presence to the thriving small businesses and rich cultural events, the contributions of Hispanic residents enhance the diversity and dynamism of Jacksonville. As the community continues to grow and thrive, it brings with it a wealth of traditions, flavors and entrepreneurial spirit that enriches the entire city.

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