5 Reasons Jaguars Fans are the Best in the NFL

If you’re still hearing the DUUUVAL war cry, Jacksonville Jaguars fans have one thing to say: #sorrynotsorry. Since the Jags played their first game in 1995, the Jacksonville region has pledged their allegiance to the team through all the highs and lows (and trust us, there’s been a lot of lows). With a win against the Titans on Saturday to clinch the AFC South and move into the NFL playoffs, Jags fans across the region are still celebrating the championship days later. And who can blame them? This is only the second time in franchise history that the team has won the AFC South and the first time they will ever host a primetime playoff game at home.

Sure, Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne are a powerhouse duo that has taken the team to new heights under the guidance of Coach Doug Pederson. But the truth is…the fans make the team who they are – the same fans who helped the team push through to a win. And ultimately, the fans are the reason the Jags have a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. “Why?” you may ask. Keep reading to find out why Jags fans are the best in the NFL.

Dedication Comes in the Form of Duval ‘Til We Die (#DTWD)

#DTWD is quite literally the way of life in Jacksonville. Although the team has come in dead last in the league for the past two years, the fans’ dedication has never wavered. After the past few seasons, it’s no surprise the whole city shuts down to watch the Jags show out in some of the most important games in franchise history. “This is our year,” seems to be a phrase that rings from the rooftops every year – but with a great team and a defining winning streak, there’s a new feeling in the air: a feeling we really will win.

Sporting Trevor Lawrence wigs (yes, those luscious locks can be seen throughout the stadium on thousands of heads) to rocking throwback jerseys from the early years, there’s no question which team they root for. Throughout the nation and even in the UK, with UnionJAX serving as the largest NFL fan club overseas, there’s one thing that can be for sure: you’ll know a Jags fan when you see one.

Photo Credit: Rick Wilson/Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars Official D-Line Rocks the Bank

When they say, “get loud,” Jacksonville takes that to another level with the Jaguars D-Line. No, we’re not talking about the defensive line that plays on the field… we’re talking about the official drumline – with beats that make the crowd come alive and the pounding rhythm that resonates throughout TIAA Bank Field as the Jags score a first down, there’s nothing else like it in the NFL.

Photo Credit: WJCT

Tailgating is a Way of Life

Tailgating in Jacksonville is a beloved tradition – from grilling out at the fairgrounds to supporting local breweries and restaurants at the block parties in downtown Jacksonville, there’s no shortage of ways to get pumped before the game. Voted the most polite fans in the NFL, southern hospitality comes in all forms as Jags fans welcome fans of the other team to share a beer or play a game of cornhole before the showdown begins. Let’s be real, who can say no to a teal hot dog?

Photo Credit: Bold City Brigade

Honoring Our Service Members

Jacksonville’s strong military presence is not something that’s forgotten when it comes to gameday celebrations. The Jags are committed to honoring those who are currently serving or have served our great nation – with surprise homecomings hosted on the field during half time and a unique opportunity for service members to ring a bell to kick off the fourth quarter, honoring the armed forces is an integral part of the Jags’ mission.

Photo Credit: Master Sgt. William Buchanan

The Best Mascot in the NFL

Last but not least, we have to give credit to the man (cat?), the myth, the legend: Jaxson de Ville. Week in and week out, Jaxson carries on with thrilling escapades: bungee jumping from the light fixtures at the top of the stadium, crowd surfing through the fans, zip lining to the middle of the field, taunting the other team with crazy antics, bellyflopping into the signature stadium pools and so much more, he always knows how to make the fans smile. (Did anyone see his patriotic speedo in Week 12? That’s the definition of a “Florida Man” for you right there). Jaxson truly defines what it means to be a Jags fan and we are honored to cheer him on week after week.

Photo Credit: Jaguars

Through it all, Jags fans never give up – maybe it’s because they know where the team has come from, or maybe it’s because the #DTWD mentality is what keeps them going even on a bad day. Whatever it may be, Jags fans are the best in the league – no doubt about it.

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